Monday, 15 August 2011

London Burning

London Burning

I posted this on Bee's Blog whereas really it should be here on Bee Up Front and Serious but I doubt that anyone will read it here.  Maybe no one will read it over there either but I need to get  this out of my system.

Last week was a terrible time in my homeland and although I wasn't there I followed the events on the news stations and in the British press.  I called friends to ensure they were safe but their reassurances did not calm my turmoil.   My stomach has now stopped churning and I'm a little less disturbed than I was a few days ago.  Funny how one may be away from what's going on but still be affected by it.

The entire episode has made me very, very angry. angry for many reasons but most of all, angry at the total breakdown of a society and the lawlessness which those with an ounce of integrity, should have seen coming.

I am sick to death of hearing about Human Rights. Sick to death of hearing the excuses being given for the torching, rioting and looting that went on in London, its environs and other cities last week.  There are no excuses. I don't care whether you are black, white,  pink, yellow, jobless, disenfranchised, from a one parent family, a drop out, a primary school teacher, mentally or physically challenged, a casualty of the last Labour Government or of the fifteen month old Conservative government. I am sick to death of hearing that it's a 'culture thing', of whites trying to be black, of music and television being a major influential in the lives of our young people.

Tell me, how can anyone condone the words of a 17year old girl, drinking her looted wine from a bottle, telling the BBC interviewer that they were doing this to get at the rich and to let the police know that they can do anything they want?

I have always said that discipline starts in the home. Children need boundaries and they need to be taught right from wrong.  Whilst there were some things that I would not have put my head on a block for  in favour of my children as they were growing up, I certainly would put my head on a block for both of them where the events of last week are concerned.  I know that they would never have entered into such mayhem.  How to I know? Because from very early o'clock they were taught right from wrong and that one has to be accountable for things unacceptable to society. You do the crime, you pay the time.  I am sick of hearing parents say that they are not responsible for the behaviour of their children as one woman said yesterday after her son was caught on camera and has been charged.  She now faces possible eviction from her government apartment because of a 1985 law which in a nutshell, stipulates that anyone with a history of criminality, or by association (i.e. family member) is not entitled to live in a state owned property.  I understand fully that she was not the one who looted, was caught and charged and possibly faces a prison sentence but I have a problem when she hits the national media saying that her human rights are being violated. 

Maybe now is the time to make an example of people.  Maybe now is the time for people to take back their country - from the thugs, the hooligans, from every Tom. Dick and Harry who decides to land on Britain's shores and use it as a bolt hole.  Maybe now is the time to become more discerning where social welfare is concerned and maybe now is the time to stop handing everything to people, on a plate.  Maybe now is the time to institute a system as near as dammit it to compulsory National Service, to hold parents accountable for the children's misbehaviour, to bring back Teachers Training Colleges, to put Heads instead of principals back into schools,  to put morning assemblies with prayers back into schools, to put Matrons back into hospitals, to put pride back into a country where every Briton no matter where they originated from, can live in peace and harmony knowing they are safe.

I am sharing here photos of the London Daily Mail which show the less hostile events of last week.

Photographs taken from the London Mail

Could you sleep easy knowing that your child, husband or any relative had taken part in this?  One mother who saw her daughter who had excelled at school, who held various athletic records, had modelled and was to be an Ambassador at the London Olympics 2012, on television committing the crime of looting, turned her in saying that she didn't love her any less, that it was a hard decision but it was the right one to make.

I only hope that when David Cameron said the following today, he meant it.:

'Tear up the sentencing guidelines and jail EVERY looter'

  • Two thirds of 1,179 defendants remanded in custody


  1. My comment which seems to be lost was on this blog. I don't know if you have to approve it to be posted or not. But it was a long and thoughtful comment that should have been a blog. And perhaps I will make it into one.

    Yes, there are no excuses. I don't care if you were beaten as a child. You have freedom of choice. But there are reasons. And those reasons when ignored by the people with the power to change things can be the kindling at the witch's feet. One spark and the fire leaps into life.

    But the most disturbing thing about this news comes as I have learned from a friend in the field of counseling that they now believe that personality is 80% nature and only 20% nurture. Do not go and screw around with a bad boy because you doom yourself to bad kids. And evidently sociopathy is dominant trait.

    So these people that are caught and fail to understand what they have done wrong should as a minimum be sterilized. I know this sounds a lot like Nazi Germany but in the days of Jack the Ripper serial killers were a rarity. Now it is believed in the US at any one time there are at least 200 that have already advanced to people!

    Currently the flash mobs that used to be dancing in malls have now turned to robbing and looting stores. Tomorrow beating up everyone on the street? Definitely Clockwork Orange.

    The moral majority is now the moral minority.

  2. No I don't have to approve it.

    I find the comment by your friend in the field of counselling, worrying but your last comment sums it all up perfectly. Sadly.

  3. That would cause overcrowding in our jails, where they would probably learn new looting/rioting skills.

    I would punish them as follows. Cancel their passports with no prospect of appeal/renewal. Ditto their driving licenses. Ditto their right to any kind of state aid other than disability benefits for the rest of their naturals.

    Teach them in unmistakeable terms that with RIGHTS go RESPONSIBILITIES,

    (Hmmm . . . reading this over I wonder if I'm an unreconstructed fascist!)