Saturday, 14 November 2015

Pray for the World

The  gruesome, last  twenty four hours have been devastating.  The media pushing the horror of Paris into our living rooms every minute of the day.  The best and the worst of social media gone mad.    I had to remove myself from it.

Whilst I too am shocked by what happened and have a great deal of sympathy for France, its citizens and share in the rest of the world's indignation, I have to ask where is, and where was that same indignation twenty four hours earlier when  suicide bombers killed forty three people in Beirut? There are atrocities happening every day in the Middle East which are barely reported.

Is it that we only react when a person from the Western world is killed or injured in terrorist attacks? Is it that we are "all-compassioned-out"? Is it that we don't think it will affect us because we are far removed geographically? Is it some lives don't matter?  Is it that some people find it too painful to deal with?  I don't know the answers to those questions but what I do know, is that terrorism at its vilest is on our doorstep and will eventually affect us all. Innocent people of all religions will die.

It is time for us to start caring for all the lives being lost and affected by this war.