Thursday, 25 June 2009

Two Hundred & Seventy Murders for the Year

Yesterday saw the 270th murder for the year in this small twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. That doesn't include the overnight ones that haven't hit the news yet.

This country is in crisis whilst the government sits idly by seeing who can put what into their pockets, continues to build a smelter plant even though a judgement was handed down last week putting a halt to it, turns a deaf ear to the accusations of corruption, turns a blind eye to rising costs, inflation and poverty, imports foreign labour whilst nationals remain unemployed, oversees a defunct health service and continues to employ an Attorney General whose resignation the Law Association is demanding and a Minister of Finance who as a client of a major financial entity had inside information as to its impending doom and removed millions of personal dollars before its downfall.

This is a country which the Prime Minister is attempting to bring out of third world status by the year 2020. The project is called "Vision 20/20". A blind man can see it is never going to happen.

So sad. A country with massive wealth, abundant natural resources and a multi-cultural society that Bishop Desmond Tutu once dubbed 'a rainbow country' is in decline. Oh there's money - plenty of money, but there has been a complete breakdown of discipline and lawlessness abounds. There is a total lack of respect for life, crime is rampant and whilst the country burns, the Prime Minister and his government are fiddling in tandem.


  1. This is a tragedy. I've read all the posts with interest about your country and have seen the decline. I always harp on education. An educated population has more power than the conditions you describe. Clearly that is not a priority, and the results are chaos. I feel for the population that was once so heralded and is now in decline. What to do....get those thieving buggers out of office. M

  2. No wonder you're up front and serious, Bee. This is a crazy land you live in where, though I hate being webcammed all over the place, in your case, it might not be such a bad idea.